Timber Baron | Forestry Service Northern BC


Open Burning

24 Hour Burning Operations

Air Curtain Burning

Trust us to assist you with your waste wood disposal.

Specialized Equipment

Innovative equipment for difficult terrain

Road Building

30+ Years of experience building Forest Service roads in Northern BC.

Grubbing and Clearing

Steep slope and difficult terrain experts

Air Curtain Burning

Largest Air Curtain Burning Contractor in Western Canada

Air Curtain Burning

Certified Visible Emission Evaluators

Sort Yard and Portable Log Debarker

Sort Yard and Portable Log Debarker photo

Timber Baron boasts a custom built 30" Cambio ring debarker that is portable - with setup in almost any location.  Over the years,we have debarked and exported in excess of 5,000 sea containers to Asia and can assist in any of your log debarking or log marketing requirements.  Check out photos in our gallery.