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Timber Baron services have evolved to incorporate waste wood management due to the industries need for environmentally friendly methods to deal and dispose of waste wood and construction materials.  Projected growth in the Northwest BC area in large scale mining and LNG capital project brings with it a growing need for alternative solutions to open burning.  The advantages of using an Air Curtain Burners are numerous and a few are listed below:

  • Reduced emissions and smoke impact to local municipalities, communities and wildlife
  • Elimination of waste material vs grinding which pulverizes waste and needs to be hauled away or spread causing other environmental implications and concerns
  • Contained units reducing fire risk in extreme burning conditions and proximity to communities
  • Easy portability allowing the Air Curtain Burners to be moved beside waste material lowering handling costs

These Air Curtain Burners allow for very limited smoke emissions and also allows us to burn 24 hours when open burning is not permitted due to air quality concerns.  We can burn waste wood uninterrupted when other contractors will be limited to favorable venting days.  Favourable venting limits open burning days tremendously in the Northwest BC area.  When projects are in close proximity to local communities, Air Curtain Burners will alleviate environmental concerns and schedule delays that are inevitable with open burning.   Our staff are also trained visible emissions evaluators allowing us to prepare daily reports to our customers and ensure we are adhering to environmental permitting requirements. 

Picture of actively burning with Air Curtain Burners at Rio Tinto Alcan Modernization Project. For more pictures please go to the Photo Gallery